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  • Preliminary Directories of the "Calorimeter Data Base" can be found here: (All Quality Control Data shall be stored here. These directories will be transferred to EDMS whenever they are complete.)


  • Bar code system and related naming convention:

According to the present strategy of the experiment, every part which is supposed to be taken out from the experiment area, should wear its unique bar code. For the general aspects of using bar codes and the history of the problem, see e.g. discussion at the TB from 23-10-2003. To profit from this bar-coding vogue, the idea is to use part of the bar codes as labels wherever possible. 

Currently employed part ID scheme:

4 S S I N S 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


4 stands for LHCb and INS is the institute ID. 

Coloured positioned are those related to the naming of calorimeter parts: 

SS - is the sub-system code, where we have 

     CD for Calorimeter Detector parts; 

     CE for Calorimeter Electronics parts; 

     CC for Calorimeter Cabling. 

Yellow Colour shows 2 positions (7-8) to generally classify the part. These are to be generally agreed before you start to use them. 

     Already defined are the following mnemonics: 

2-3   CD  




... ... ...


2-3   CE    




P:PMT ; ... ... ... ...


2-3       CC      


E:ECAL  H:HCAL  P:PS:SPD  T:Trigger  M:Monitoring G:General


S:Signal  H:H L:LA:A D:DC


Blue Colour shows 6 positions (9-14) where no general rules are applied. In this case this is the responsability of the group involved to make sure that the labels are unique. 

E.g. with all above, the PMT for ECAL/HCAL can be labelled as: 

4 C E C E R C P L A 0 2 3 1

where LA0231 is the native HAMAMATSU number. 

Rolf Lindner has kindly produced the examples of bar-codes of different sizes:


These are the bar code labels of standard sizes. The size of the label could be tuned to your needs, though for higher label price. To get started with the labels, Rolf Lindner has kindly agreed to help with printing of the labels. 


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